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I have no idea who Dromes is or where he came from. The only thing I know? This dude is extremely talented. So, for today only, he gets his own tag.

Okay, I should start from the beginning. Last night, I thought it would be a good idea to spend an hour on Soundcloud listening to different remixes of “Me & U” by Cassie (I honestly don’t have a better way to explain how strange that is).

Anyways, remember that song? In 2006, Cassie rode this track all the way to number 3 on the Billboard and went platinum. This song ran shit on sweaty dancefloors across the planet.

For some self-punishing reason, I slogged through the trenches of Soundcloud yesterday, listening to some really takes on this one-hit wonder. The mud was littered with crappy dubstep remixes and unacceptable moombahton re-edits. Then, along came Dromes.

Dromes, whoever you are–wherever you are–you’re a fucking genius. Dromes went back to 2006, threw this song in the DeLorean, and brought it screaming into the future. The original was already known for its dark, simple beat. Somehow, Dromes made it darker, with a deep synth bassline and a dirty 808 drum pattern. He took Cassie’s vocals and chopped, pitched, and layered them up to a beautiful, messy crescendo. Bear witness:


Folks, these are the kinds of remixes I live for. A truly great producer can take a track and completely change its tone and character, regardless of the original’s lyrics or intent.

Go show Dromes some love on Soundcloud. He’s only got 4 followers (including this guy)–that’s bullshit.

End transmission.

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